Case Study

A Training which has transformed me.....!
A Trustworthy Purchase Centre.....!

17-year-old Appalanarsamma from village J.C.Peta in Pathapatnam mandal says, " According to me life skills training has changed my life entirely. Previously I was very shy and not used to talk with anyone.Most of the freinds and other people called me as mentally challenged. But now after going through this training I came to know deifferent dimensions of personality and the ways to overcome shyness, which helped me a lot. The training had transformed me into a different person. The people who have critisized me before and were not talking to me in past but now they are very friendly to me. Now my mother feels very happy with my transformation and feeling proud of her self. All the credit goes to Life Skills Training initiated by BREDS.

37-year-old Saiamma from village Bommikapeta in Sarvakota mandal says," According to me Community Credit Line Centre(CCLC) is a cheap means of availing door to door services with uality goods at cheaper price to its target community.All the items that I purchased were 0.50p or Re.1 less than the market price. The affordable price was quite economical which attracted me a lot to be a regular customer of CCLC. When CCLC was strated in december 2008, I procured goods of Rs. 450/- on credit. I paid the amount of 100/- on my first purcahse. The credit amount was being recorded in the credit book and whenever I paid the amount it was deducted from the total and balance amount was repaid subsequently. And I repaid the remaining amount in three subsequent installments. so I feel that CCLC is a most economic, effective and efficient means for purcahsing our daily requirements. Now, I am no more a victim in the hands of the exploiting and cheating local market vendors.