Environment Protection and Promotion

Grain Banks:

BREDS is working with number of schedule tribe families. Majority of these families don’t ensure food security during lean period. To avoid this problem and make food secure for all the season with community participation and self help, BREDS designed a program relating to promotion and revival of traditional grain banks.

Youth Development Centres :

The Youth Development Center (YDC) is functioning with a mission to inspire, equip, and guide rural & urban youth to LIVE! BREDS initiated this especially for the school dropouts and the unemployed masses of the community to make themselves develop for new opportunities available in local areas.

Community Credit Line Centres :

BREDS brought up a new initiative for its community. Community credit line centre is an outlet which is merely a Kirana shop that procures various consumer durables and sells them to the marginalized community (especially dalits and tribal’s) on credit basis. It provides support to the target community to purchase quality goods at affordable price.

Rural Mart :

This was initiated by BREDS with its Farmers associate from the community where it worked. With the support of NABARD this initiative was made a success. The Farmer club has started producing their agricultural products and sells them through the mart in marginal amount. The organic produce has a varied impact and marketbility in the local areas.

Campaign against Domestic violence, HIV/AIDS and Child Rights :

There are 34 Women Federation of SHG Groups promoted by BREDS who fight for issues on domestic violence, child rights and HIV/AIDS in the local communities. Such cases after identified are brought to the local authorities where preventive measures are taken and some also are settled in the court of law and dealt with utmost care. There are meetings, dharanas and campaigns held at regular intervals to deal with such issues. Child line centres has been established by BREDS where special care is taken for childrens right like children who are victim to family and personal rights.

Centres for Children of Migrant workers :

BREDS has opened centres for taking care of children whose parents often migrate for work. These children are given residential services and provided food at free of cost. They are also availed to free education from local and government authorities.