Gender Policy

  • 1. BREDS stands committed to the cause of gender equality and seeks to improve womens well-being, in all areas. We believe that women and men should exist in a state of equal opportunity where both have the ability to make choices that affect their self-expression, growth, and sustainable development.
  • 2. BREDS focuses on enabling women to participate in the development process, on par with men, and assert control over the means of production. We hope to help create new ways for women to make their lives more varied and rich. By securing entitlement over productive assets and skills, women can achieve gainful employment and sustainable livelihoods.
  • 3. In regard to our programmatic areas, the major focus of our organization is womens empowerment. Not only does our organization focus on improving womens productivity in our projects, BREDS is concerned with increased participation of women and the advancement of gender equality at the community level. BREDS works in close collaboration with womens self-help groups and women’s cooperatives, providing a greater scope for their involvement at all levels of our project cycle.
  • 4. "A transformed partnership based on equality between men and women is a condition for people-centered sustainable development". Platform for Action adopted by the Fourth World Conference on Women: Action for Equality, Development, and Peace, Beijing, 15 September.

Strategies for the Promotion of Gender Equality

  • Recognizing, promoting, and fostering the potential of women, enhancing their productive capacity, and minimizing the obstacles hindering their participation in decision-making.
  • Supporting processes that increase womens self-confidence, developing their sense of self-reliance, and helping women to set their own agenda.